The San Francisco 49ers had their second padded practice on Tuesday, and with it came their second 1-on-1 session between receivers and defensive backs, as well as the first battle between offensive and defensive linemen.

I will post the results of both sections first, then my notes and observations below.


Here are the results of the 1v1 battles between receivers and defensive backs:

Here are the results of the 1v1 battles between the offensive line and the defensive line:


Talanoa Hufanga had a stellar reputation against George Kittle early in the 1-on-1 period, deflecting the pass for a breakup.

There were three abandonments during the period: two easy ones by George Kittle and Jauan Jennings, and a pass to JaMycal Hasty from Fred Warner that bounced off the running back’s chest.

Brandon Aiyuk continues to win when paired one-on-one, beating corner Deommodore Lenoir on a return route, and did so with ease.

On the offensive line, Justin Skule had a better day, winning a few 1-on-1s against defensive linemen after being beaten regularly during the scrimmage period last week.

Surprisingly, Drake Jackson didn’t always win 1v1, but had a dominant day during the scrimmage period.

Aaron Banks had some rougher reps in 1v1 as it was obvious he needed to have a more consistent anchor after being initially pushed, although he also improved in the scrum portion.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s training report!