The good and the bad of Day 6 of 49ers training camp: Warner and Aiyuk fight

The good and the bad of Day 6 of 49ers training camp: Warner and Aiyuk fight

SANTA CLARA — Here’s who stood out on day six of the 49ers’ training camp. Keep in mind, the 49ers practiced for almost two hours, it was extremely hot and two fights broke out, so today I start with the worst because it would be a shame to bury the lede.


1. Fred Warner and Brandon Aiyuk.

They fought twice and tried to punch each other in the face while wearing helmets, which is never smart. This fight has been brewing since the start of camp last week. Apparently, Warner talks trash on the pitch during practice and the offense finds him boring – Aiyuk said so during his press conference last week. Today Warner appeared to hit Aiyuk after the whistle and Aiyuk was an exception so they fought to the ground and broke apart. Minutes later, Warner intentionally knocked down backup wide receiver Marcus Johnson after Johnson caught a pass as he made a drive through – he looked like he was hitting a brick wall. Aiyuk immediately jumped onto the court and he and Warner faced off as if in a karate tournament. Then his teammates joined the fight and Kyle Shanahan had to interrupt him, stop practice and yell at the players, but he didn’t kick anyone out. Then practice resumed and Aiyuk once again played extremely well, as he led the attack from the top rope in the catches.

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